Raj R. Singh

MIT Department of Urban Studies & Planning
77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

Collaborative Urban Information Systems:
A Web Services approach

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  Full Dissertation
Title, Abstract, Contents
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Technology Frameworks for Information Sharing
Chapter 3:
A Study of Regional Growth Planning:
the MassGIS/EOEA Buildout Analysis
Chapter 4:
Sharing Data through Web Services
Chapter 5:
Web Services for
Collaborative Modeling and Decision Making
Chapter 6:
Prototyping the Buildout Analysis
Chapter 7:
XML Schema, Glossary, Bibliography


Collateral Material

Dissertation Proposal (post-colloquium)
(Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Speaking the Same Language: Using XML for Distributed and Collaborative Planning Analytics
Presentation at ACSP/AESOP 2003
Paper (Adobe Acrobat PDF) | Presentation Slides (Microsoft PowerPoint)

A Framework for Collaborative Decision Support Modeling using OGC Specifications
Presented at the December, 2002 OGC Technical Committee meeting
MS Powerpoint format (zipped) | Adobe Acrobat format